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Timber Artwork

Denis can create a unique, beautiful, timber artwork that could be a feature piece for your home or office.

These disks can be 800mm or 1200mm diameter and the timber used depends on what is available.

- Hand Made Timber Furniture
- Hand Made Timber Furniture

This first disc is made up of: Spotted Gum, New Guinea Rosewood (top stripe), Banksia Tree, Mackay Cedar (the large stripe), Banksia Tree nuts, NG Rosewood with the lower most part of the artwork is a combination of offcuts of all of these timbers plus some Wattyl, Tea Tree and Grevillia.

- Hand Made Timber Furniture
- Hand Made Timber Furniture

The second disc (above) is a similar combination of timbers as the first.

- Hand Made Timber Furniture

The third disc is made up of Banksia, a Camphor Laurel (stripe), a combination of all sorts of timber, another Camphor Laurel and then a small section of Bottle Brush.

- Hand Made Timber Furniture